How to adopt an animal from our shelter

To all our friends past, present and future. At the moment, due to the decision of the Director of the Shelter and the city authorities, the Paluch Shelter is closed to volunteers and the general public. Our dogs and cats are being looked after by employees who work here day in and day out and we are restricting contact with these staff members in order to provide animals with uninterrupted care during this time of crisis.

❣️ Adoptions are still very much possible – but for the time being there is no possiblity of pre-adoption meetings so only dogs without behavioral problems and cats can be adopted.

Therefore we ask you to:

⚠️ Think seriously about whether you are ready to adopt. Talk to your loved ones to check that they will be able to temporarily take care of your dog / cat in the event of your quarantine or at the very least be able to walk your dog whilst taking the necessary precautions. Carefully read the description of the dog on our internet site;
⚠️ Call a volunteer, talk openly and honestly about your options and find out if the dog / cat you have chosen is right for you according to the volunteer.
⚠️ Download the pre-adoption questionnaire from the Shelter’s website fill it out at home and send to the Adoption Office at

⚠️ The Adoption Office will contact you by phone and ask additional questions. Upon positive opinion from a volunteer who will arrange a date of adoption you come to the shelter to sign an adoption agreeement and take the animal home.


If you would like to adopt a dog or a cat, consider your decision carefully. Please do not decide on the spur of the moment. Think about the following questions:


  • Does your lifestyle have time to care for a pet?
  • Do you have the necessary conditions for keeping the pet?
  • Do other householders agree?
  • Who will look after the pet if you go on holiday or fall sick?
  • Do your means allow for the right care for your pet (the right food, Vet’s bills, injections, tick, worm and flea treatment, blood tests and the occasional test ?)
  • Before you come it might be worth:

                     – Looking at the database of animals up for adoption
                     – Read how to choose the right animal for you
                     – Read the animals description (if you understand Polish) and contact one of the volunteers taking care of the animal in order to gain a better knowledge of the pet in question. If we are  talking dog then you can also organise a pre- adoption walk with the volunteer and dog to get to know them better


Important Documents

If you need help please call our volunteers.


  • Dorota 501 240 883
  • Danuta 604 168 799
  • Dominika 609 464 592
  • Tim 797 417 690
  • Agata 606 294 250


  • Kamila 604 975 018
  • Monika  603 656 853


  •    Asia 737 147 800

Adopting a cat

  • When you arrive at the shelter, register in the office and pick up a badge.
  • Go to the cat adoption centre.
  • Once you have chosen a cat, please fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire.
  • The final decision about the adoption of a cat will be taken by a member of the Adoption office
  • The vets briefing will give you information about the cat’s overall health, any tests carried out, injections. They will also give you a health certificate book and will input your information into the national chip database.
  • The agreement/contract is regulated by civil law and from this moment you take responsibility for the animal.


Attention : it is very important that if you have decided or think you will decide about adopting a cat at the shelter, that you bring with you a cat transporter to take the cat away.


Adopting a dog

  • Firstly we insist on pre-adoption walks with a given dog accompanied by the carer or one of the volunteers (this is to ensure that the adoption of our dogs are well thought through and responsible, so we ask for at least 2 walks, but our volunteers and carers have the final decision as to how many,  depending on the dog’s character). We can’t allow the adoption of a dog to be taken on looks or the spur of the moment. The dog must be chosen to match the potential owner. Also after a few walks we are better able to understand the potential owner and relationship with the dog. One walk is not enough and a few visits with a potential owner also reduces the stress of living conditions.
  • We will ask you to fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire and have a brief discussion with a member of the Adoption Office (You should fill out the questionnaire after the first walk) The carer and /or volunteer will register their comments on the adoption questionnaire
  • The final decision about adoption will be taken by the Adoption Office
  • A vet’s briefing will give you details about the dog’s state of health, any tests, information about injections and they will give you a health book and will enter your data into the national chip
  • The adoption contract you will be asked to sign is regulated by civil law. Once signed you will take on complete responsibility for the dog.


Declining an adoption
You should be aware that you could be declined the adoption of a specific animal. They are living breathing creatures, who have specific characters and predispositions. Not every home is right for every animal. For example:

  • Some dogs require more experienced owners
  • Not every dog fits to owners who have never had a dog before. 
  • A young active dog will probably require an active family